Tell us what you think of TV’s ‘Bradford: City Of Dreams’ final part

The second part of the BBC’s “positive” look at Bradford is screened tonight – and you can have your say straight after the programme.

Bradford: City Of Dreams is broadcast at 8pm on BBC2, following last week’s first episode which focused on some of the characters and people who live and work in the city.

The programme has been well received by those who have considered Bradford somewhat short-changed by past TV documentaries which have lingered on more negative aspects of life in Bradford.

The T&A will be posting on this website a review of the second episode at 9pm when it finishes, so you can join in the debate.

According to the BBC, the second show “explains how its long tradition as a magnet for economic migrants is being continued today as East Europeans settle and build their lives and businesses in the city”.

Among those who are featured is Dinesh Patel, known as Dennis, who is “living the dream that led his father to spend 13 years in the mills before starting a shop in the mid-70s”.

Two generations later the family, having ridden the video rental market in the 90s and the the mobile telephony boom of the turn of the century, have become big players in East European food retailing Also on the show is Marcin (pictured left), from Poland, who arrived in Bradford eight years ago and set up his own business, building a smokehouse in his garden to produce hams and sausages just like they make them in the villages of Poland.

Sahida, a single mother of three girls, has a rapidly-expanding chain of bridal make-up salons and trains other Muslim women in bridal make-up.

Riding on the back of the positivity generated by the programme, pro-Bradford lobby group Bradford Breakthrough yesterday held the second of its “This Is Bradford” events, inviting small groups of media professionals to get a taste of the city.

The event coincided with the hosting of the “Academy of Urbanism” and the delegates met local dignitaries including Sandy Needham, the chief executive of Bradford Chamber of Commerce, Bradford Council leader Coun Dave Green, and the Zulfi Karim, director of the World Curry Festival.